littdiva: The road to..... . Location: Solastranden/ Norway
littdiva: Norwegian sanddunes . Location: Solastranden/ Norway
littdiva: Winterbeach . . Location: Solastranden/ Norway
littdiva: Sola strandhotel fits well into the surrounding landscape Location: Sola/ Norway
littdiva: Winterafternoon by the sea . . Location: Randaberg/ Norway
littdiva: Tungenes lighthouse . . Location: Randaberg/ Norway
littdiva: Afternoon . . Location: Randaberg/ Norway
littdiva: Take a seat. Breath in, breath out. Enjoy
littdiva: Like a boat at land. Location : Randaberg/ Norway
littdiva: February and the fields are still green . Westcoast landscape
littdiva: I had a coastline walk yesterday. Sunny, & bright. Wondeeful after all these days with grey rainy weather. Location, Randaberg / Norway
littdiva: Tree & sky . . Location: Stavanger/ Norway
littdiva: "Bølgen" . . Location; Stavanger/ Norway
littdiva: No real winter yet. Yellow fields brighten up instead . . Location: Stavanger/ Norway
littdiva: Winter sunday . . Location; Stavanger/ Norway
littdiva: The blue hour . . Location: Tjernagel/ Norway
littdiva: This place are really a treasure. High mountains, the fjord. All mixed uo in a very beautiful way . . Location: Hjelle/ Norway
littdiva: Where are you going ? . Location: Sandestranden / Norway
littdiva: From the archive: Driving through the Ourika valley and up to Setti Fadma . Along the river there were a lot of colorful restaurant/ cafes. . Location: Ourika / Morocco
littdiva: Hi there, . Location: Rennedøy/ Norway
littdiva: The path Location: Strand/ Norway
littdiva: " If you fall in love with the path, you forget the destination. " - Zen saying- ... and that's so true. Especially if the path surroundings are beautiful. . . Location: Steand/ Norway
littdiva: Icecold . . . Location: Stavanger/ Norway
littdiva: Love these mountains. You will find them in the Draa valley in Morocco
littdiva: "One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began." ( The Journey, Mary Oliver) . . Lovstion: Godøya / Giske/ Norway
littdiva: "Myrull"- memory of good times. . Location: Etnefjellene/ Norway
littdiva: Reflection.Location: Foldrøyhamn/ Bømlo/ Norway
littdiva: MorningLocation: Solastranden/ Norway
littdiva: The westcoast a sunny day. That's a good place to be. The sea, the calm wind and peace in mind. Location: Fjøløy/ Norway
littdiva: Memory from a summer hike in the norwegian mountains. Can't wait for the season to begin again. Meanwhile we do have photos... Livation: Etnefjellene/ Etne / Norway