littdiva: Lighthouse view Location: Fjøløy/ Norway
littdiva: A new year, a new beginnning. Let's make it good 😍 In the island Borgøy, one of my favourite painters, Lars Hertervig, was born 16 february 1830. If you haven't seen his paintings before that's one thing to do in 2020. Location: Borgøy/ N
littdiva: Morning by the fjord . . Location: Nesflaten/ Suldal / Norway
littdiva: A grey day, but still beautiful. Lucky are those who can appreciate the small moments of beauty. . Location: Etne / Norway
littdiva: Dramatic morning sky . . Location: Østhusvik/ Norway
littdiva: Morning sky There's nothing like it when the light is seen in the horizon. .Location: Østhusvik/ Norway
littdiva: Afternoon sky . Location: Godøya / Norway
littdiva: The old cementery at Varhaug; close to the sea where so many ended their life. The sea gives and takes - the costal people know that very well. Location: Varhaug ,/ Norway
littdiva: The old city- Gamle Stavanger- are decorated for the holiday season and lights up in the dark. Locstion: Stavanger/ Norway
littdiva: " Kvinnen bestemmer hvor mannnen vil at skapet skal stå " An old norwegian quote. And in the photo our excellent guide /" housewife" Location: Jernaldergården/ Stavanger/ Norway
littdiva: Visited our Iron age farm just when the blue hour started to paint the sky. Lovely place to visit and get a insight in what life might have been in earlier times Location: Jernaldergården / Stavanger/ Norway
littdiva: Norwegian landscape, It's nothing like it a summerday. Good memories in rhe dark wintertime. Location: Oppstryn/ Norway
littdiva: Early morning in the mountains . Nothing like a cup of warm coffe with a view Location: Etnefjellene/ Norway
littdiva: The blue hour - an end of a great summerday . Location: Foldrøyhamn/ Bømlo / Norway
littdiva: It's like a fairytale, but the small place Hjelle is still alive. A good startpoint for photosafari. Embraced of exceptionally landscape it's all uo to you. Location: Hjelle/ Norway
littdiva: What might come.... . Location: Undredal/ Norway
littdiva: Even though.... Location: Rennesøy / Norway
littdiva: Just another sunrise in the history of earth. And there are more to come hopefully Location: Solastranden/ Norway
littdiva: "We have nothing to lose. But our selves - Charles Bukowski- I really like that quote, I like the sea, the sky, and rest my eyes at the horizon . . Location: Solastranden/ Norway
littdiva: Morning has broken . . . Location: Solastranden / Norway
littdiva: A visit to the wineyard Oller del Mas gave wine in the glass and beautiful view. Even if it's written november. Location: Barcelona/ Catalan/ Spain
littdiva: Casa Batlo, one of Gaudis most known juvels. Placed central in Barcelona you can easily find time to glance with a lot of others tourists Location: Barcelona/ Catalan/ Spain
littdiva: Had one faboulus day in Montserrat today. The mist would not leave us, but so what Location: Montserrat/ Catalanya / Spain
littdiva: Streetview: And there it just appeared. The shape is wonderful 😍 Location: Barcelona/ Cataluna / Spain
littdiva: Bergen by night. Had a short visit to always charming Bergen Location: Bergen / Norway
littdiva: "One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began." ( The Journey, Mary Oliver) Location: Copenhagen/ Denmark
littdiva: Seaview . . Location: Fjøløy/ Norway
littdiva: Charming shed below the treeline Location: Rjukan/ Norway
littdiva: One moment in time . . Location: Etnefjellene/ Norway
littdiva: Ontop of the world, well not quite right, but what a view 😍 Location: Rjukan/ Norway