Michael Loyd 1: Atlantis Fritillary
kaeagles: White-patched Skipper (Chiomara g. georgina)
michael-oliver: Silver-washed Fritillary
ParcelBye: Amathusia phidippus - Palm King
sbuckinghamnj: Tropical Leafwing - another leaf mimic
paul_katinas: Limpkin
paul_katinas: White Ibis catches an eel
IndianaCristo: Mesosemia praeculta colombiana (Riodinidae) RN La Planada, Nariño, Colombia.
luigivalbusa: Farfalla!
hirorin2013: Butterflies
stevehfung: Old Faithful Erupting at Night
swissgeologyfan: Mount Baker from Artists Point, North Cascades National Park, Washington State, USA
http://www.my-anasazi-way.com/: Harmony in Golden Cathedral #
thor_mark : A Personal Photo Assignment in Capitol Reef National Park
thor_mark : White Sands National Park, A Place to Come to Explore and Live
Michael Smith PhotoArt: Morning Sun Brings Bryce Canyon To Life
Christy Hibsch: Look into my crystal ball
KPortin: Cloudy Sunrise
Jim Zenock: _MG_7564_DxO
Tennerka (Irene): Tufted-titmouse
My Americana: Needles haze
udbluehens (1,000,000): Zion National Park
R.Smrekar: Grand Canyon view - Arizona - USA
dperkphoto: Snow Canyon, Utah
AlexDahovPhotography: Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park.
natcaptured: Cliff Palace
Kylemcphins: Little Chief Mountain
dperkphoto: I call this dog rock! Zion National Park
Jackie ...: Looking Close on Friday! - red and green ...
Jim Zenock: _MG_8755_DxO-003