Delena Jane: jan18 2020 8
Ro Cafe: Kumquats
Melissa M McCarthy: Common Merganser
Fryzel: Yosemite National Park,California,USA
Through Serena's Lens: Service Offer
RiendH2O: Oursins_IMG_6742
Dan Earles: American Robin on dogberry tree
Dan Earles: Winter in the garden
vanessa violet: We'll look at the stars when we're together ...
Brad James ~ Nature Photography: Northern Pintail...
Ro Cafe: Grape tomatoes
Andrea Kennard: At the End of the Day
barachois50: Pink Pop
magda indigo: SOME HOT STUFF, BABY, TONIGHT...
Christina Draper: Frosted Web
Brad James ~ Nature Photography: Yellow-rumped Warbler...
Nancy Rose: Snowflakes on my nose and eyelashes
Melissa M McCarthy: Greater Scaup
barachois50: Wave Splash
RiendH2O: Gros-Cap_IMG_4647
gwhiteway: January 17, 2020, snow storm
CJ Burnell: I walk the line
Through Serena's Lens: Chamomile Still Life
hajeka: Jan 18 - Mix
Tina Dean: Leech Brook - Second Falls Area
JP.Owens: _JPO1048-2.jpg