Cristian Arghius: Sarcophaga sp.
JK landscape photography: Astravas manor
JK landscape photography: Autumn memories
Thomas Hawk: Lost Horse Saloon, Marfa, Texas
Thomas Hawk: As Lady and I Look Out Tonight
ceclii: lomo 3.7 10 frames
Cristian Arghius: Coccinella septempunctata
Thomas Hawk: Movement and Motion
Thanh_Tung: _DSC0027
Thanh_Tung: _DSC0019
Thanh_Tung: _DSC0007-E
Steve Walser: Evening Shade
Basak Prince Photography: Runway, Yellowstone National Park
Yasu Torigoe: Bergen's colorful wooden houses on the old wharf, Norway- 13a
Yasu Torigoe: Icy waters and snow-covered beautiful homes along the edge of Alta Harbor, Norway-43a
nicksmacro: Sailing Stone
franconiangirl: Party Room
Jeff Sullivan ( High Desert Ghost Town Reflection
taylorconcepts1960: Tucker under Cover
alain.kuta: Cigogne blanche - Ciconia ciconia - White Stork
Sea Cono: What Could Have Been Love
Sea Cono: El Chapo