grousehawker: GDW05367-2
Laval Roy: 1.08650 Guêpier à gorge rouge / Merops bulocki frenatus / Red-throated Bee-eater
dimaruss34: Natural Wonder
dimaruss34: Natural Wonder
dimaruss34: Natural Wonder
Carol Riddell: Western Tanager 6-20-19
Andrew Reding: western bumblebee on meadow knapweed
minus1349: Campsis
KPortin: Virgin River
Pixi2011: Marsh Owl / Vlei-uil ( portrait )
TonyFernando: Marigold
miketabak: White-faced Ibis
thor_mark : Mesa, Buttes, and Blues Skies as a Backdrop for the Delicate Arch (Arches National Park)
Carol Riddell: Yellow Warbler 6-24-19
minus1349: Petit nettoyage ....
cbaarch: goldfinch
Trevor-Baker: Red admiral feeding
Thelma Gatuzzo: Two in one
Laval Roy: Papillon non-identifié / Unidentified Butterfly
three zees: Western Sandpipers
three zees: Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches
gubanov77: Morning
pure photography!: Dominican Sunrise
pure photography!: Little Rose
pekabo90401: à bientôt.... Lazuli Bunting Malibu Creek State Park Southern California 207-207
Marty Molina: Ash Throated Flycatcher- 52019- (60)
Marty Molina: Ash Throated Flycatcher-52619- (23)
Marty Molina: Brown Crested Flycatcher-42619- (33)
Bill Amidon: Rainy day whitetail in the hawkweed