jimmy_racoon: red & blue
jimmy_racoon: touch of light
jimmy_racoon: veins of ice
jimmy_racoon: nature's pancakes
jimmy_racoon: avoids the light
jimmy_racoon: milkweed remains
jimmy_racoon: last light
jimmy_racoon: end of February
jimmy_racoon: youngster
jimmy_racoon: hang on tight
jimmy_racoon: winter steeplebrush
jimmy_racoon: woodlands delight
jimmy_racoon: center point focus
jimmy_racoon: cotton candy
jimmy_racoon: retired bus
jimmy_racoon: sunlit nuthatch
jimmy_racoon: sharp lady
jimmy_racoon: pretty boy
jimmy_racoon: tissue anyone?
jimmy_racoon: peekaboo at minus 22
jimmy_racoon: sub-zero downy
jimmy_racoon: sulking at minus 8
jimmy_racoon: stillness in winter
jimmy_racoon: wild blue yonder
jimmy_racoon: insulation
jimmy_racoon: sunning at minus 20
jimmy_racoon: foraging at minus 3
jimmy_racoon: waiting it out
jimmy_racoon: in the sticks
jimmy_racoon: woodlands art