jimmy_racoon: Nest scouting
jimmy_racoon: suspended
jimmy_racoon: not blending in
jimmy_racoon: off and away
jimmy_racoon: aerodynamics
jimmy_racoon: dark eyes watching
jimmy_racoon: coasting along
jimmy_racoon: bring the sun
jimmy_racoon: among the buds
jimmy_racoon: art on bark
jimmy_racoon: among the brush
jimmy_racoon: exploring depth
jimmy_racoon: reflection zone
jimmy_racoon: soaring diver
jimmy_racoon: ring-necked duck
jimmy_racoon: log sunning
jimmy_racoon: still hanging
jimmy_racoon: soak it in
jimmy_racoon: touch-down
jimmy_racoon: three's a crowd
jimmy_racoon: couple's cruise
jimmy_racoon: rodent's worst nightmare
jimmy_racoon: splash down
jimmy_racoon: in their hood
jimmy_racoon: house-hunting
jimmy_racoon: sunlight on red
jimmy_racoon: happy trumpeter
jimmy_racoon: siesta time
jimmy_racoon: drifting to sleep
jimmy_racoon: amber cones