janusz l: Just One Ordinary Life
janusz l: Into the future with Universal Metric Time
janusz l: Vancouver's Saint Patrick's Day Parade – Vancouver Celticfest 2011 - 'Bad to the Bow' from Sunshine Coast
janusz l: Happy Valentine's Day - Be my Valentine my Love
janusz l: National War Memorial in Ottawa 2015
janusz l: Happy Easter - Christ the Lord Is Risen Today - Jesus Christ of Salt Lake City
janusz l: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Grób Nieznanego Żołnierza – Warsaw, Poland 2015
janusz l: Mermaid of Warsaw – Old Town Square , Syrenka Warszawska - Rynek Starego Miasta
janusz l: Happy Easter from Guatemala - Child from Patzun at Easter Procession 2015
janusz l: Night at the Museum / La Noche De Los Museos – Museum of Modern Art / El Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno , Guatemala City
janusz l: Nice to know what we are eating - homemade Smoked Pork Tenderloin and French Country Pate
janusz l: Gung Hay Fat Choy - Happy Chinese Lunar New Year - February 19th 2015 ( Bighorn Ewe - female)
janusz l: Driftwood , Serenity after the storm – Britannia Beach
janusz l: Juayua Cascades - Sonsonate , El Salvador
janusz l: Baby and Tata - Mayan Baptism Ceremony - Guatemala City
janusz l: Festival Navidenio - Guatemala City Dec 2014
janusz l: Final Resting Spot - Between Bralorne / Bradian BC and old Pioneer Mine
janusz l: Beaver on Tyaughton Lake - Tyax Wilderness Resort - South Chilcotin
janusz l: Coquihalla River Gorge , entrance to Othello Tunnels near Hope BC
janusz l: Coquihalla River at the entrance to Othello Tunnels
janusz l: Please follow me - Kirsten and Colin Wedding Aug 3 2014
janusz l: Feathers of Phoenix - Vancouver Honda Celebration of Light 2014
janusz l: Fire in the Heavens
janusz l: Let the sun on my shoulder shine – Vancouver Honda Celebration of Light 2014
janusz l: Very Happy Mother's Day !!!
janusz l: Antigua Guatemala Easter Celebrations
janusz l: Place where light runs through rocks
janusz l: Ted Talks Invasion – Vancouver 2014
janusz l: Essence of B&W – Pieta of Arches National Park – Turret Arch
janusz l: Walking on water , winter lake – Anderson Pond close to Chilliwack Lake