James-Burke: The train on platform.....
James-Burke: Bunny Love
James-Burke: No you can't have any of my butty.
James-Burke: Wall Walker.
James-Burke: Hello,Hello,Hello !!
James-Burke: Bog Standard.
James-Burke: Would you Adam and Eve it.
James-Burke: Having Fun.
James-Burke: Young Love.
James-Burke: Following in the treadmarks.
James-Burke: Them boots are made for walking.
James-Burke: Candid street portrait.
James-Burke: The Winner
James-Burke: Getting on the paintings ladder.
James-Burke: Port Isaac Cornwall.
James-Burke: Accordion Busker.
James-Burke: They went that away.
James-Burke: The tortoise and the hare.
James-Burke: Life in the fast lane.
James-Burke: Sun Worshipers.
James-Burke: Ball Control
James-Burke: Little And Large.
James-Burke: Do you fancy a new hat ?
James-Burke: Feeding Time.
James-Burke: Window View.
James-Burke: Lost in thought.
James-Burke: Beat out that rhythm on a drum.
James-Burke: Guardian of the Bins.
James-Burke: Three of a kind.