James-Burke: Swanning around.
James-Burke: A walk in the park.
James-Burke: Playing to the crowd.
James-Burke: Renshaw Street Liverpool.
James-Burke: The Coaching News.
James-Burke: Hope Street from Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.
James-Burke: Trump Make America Great Again.
James-Burke: Grocery shop window.
James-Burke: The wood carver.
James-Burke: Dancing the night away.
James-Burke: Rainy Day Blues.
James-Burke: Old lady in cafe.
James-Burke: " You wanna try some."
James-Burke: You go your way I'll go mine.
James-Burke: Elvis at the fairground.
James-Burke: Window shopping.
James-Burke: The sweet shop man.
James-Burke: Man and Boy.
James-Burke: The Night Painter.
James-Burke: Mr. Bubbles.
James-Burke: Truckstop Lunch.
James-Burke: Kitt Off.
James-Burke: Pork Pie Sir ?
James-Burke: I just wanna be your teddy bear.
James-Burke: Lady by the lake.
James-Burke: Fairground Wurlitzer.
James-Burke: Hazel Wood Flower Man.
James-Burke: He's a " Quacker "
James-Burke: It's a dog's life.
James-Burke: Character at Malpas Rally.