James-Burke: Serious Barbering.
James-Burke: Do you come here often ?
James-Burke: Man 'O' Man.
James-Burke: Waiting to catch a bus.
James-Burke: Band of muppets.
James-Burke: Bookends.
James-Burke: Street cleaner photography.
James-Burke: Shire horses ploughing field.
James-Burke: Man in a bowler hat.
James-Burke: The cheese seller.
James-Burke: Boring !!!
James-Burke: A walk in the park.
James-Burke: Going Down.
James-Burke: Magical Mystery Tour.
James-Burke: You're my number one.
James-Burke: Hey you !!
James-Burke: Three's a crowd.
James-Burke: It was at least this big.
James-Burke: Would you like a cap sir ?
James-Burke: From pillar to post.
James-Burke: A clean sweep.
James-Burke: Roller Dogs.
James-Burke: Gallery View.
James-Burke: Bugs Bunny and friends.
James-Burke: Waiting at a railway station.
James-Burke: Cool Dude
James-Burke: In Pole Position.
James-Burke: Wheelies !!
James-Burke: Strolling Musician.
James-Burke: Doggy Paddling.