James-Burke: May your god go with you.
James-Burke: Wall Mural Manchester.
James-Burke: Palm House Sefton Park Liverpool.
James-Burke: Are you lonesome tonight ?
James-Burke: Promenade Carriage Ride.
James-Burke: Having Lunch
James-Burke: Are. you taking our picture ?
James-Burke: Country Life.
James-Burke: Taking the weight off.
James-Burke: Man at the window.
James-Burke: The Saxaphone Man
James-Burke: Man of gold.
James-Burke: Rail Worker.
James-Burke: Out To Lunch.
James-Burke: River Fisherman.
James-Burke: That's a nice one.
James-Burke: The Greengrocer.
James-Burke: The Ice Cream People.
James-Burke: Engine Driver
James-Burke: Kayaking down the Severn.
James-Burke: Serious Barbering.
James-Burke: Do you come here often ?
James-Burke: Man 'O' Man.
James-Burke: Waiting to catch a bus.
James-Burke: Band of muppets.
James-Burke: Bookends.
James-Burke: Street cleaner photography.
James-Burke: Shire horses ploughing field.
James-Burke: Man in a bowler hat.