sobajima hiromi: Japanese zelkova
murozo: Sliding paper and glass doors
小川 Ogawasan: Storm in the percussion library
ludwig.roemer: Las Nieves
f a b b i: shadow and light (ombra e luce)
sobajima hiromi: paper shide
San'ya: Bored with Photography VI
murozo: Tail lamp
murozo: Swan on the rice field in late autumn
ludwig.roemer: Sant'Erasmo bei Cesi
murozo: remained red
phamnes: (2021) Ballesvika, Senja
fromfarbeyond: Hagaparken
f a b b i: gocce di pioggia su petali di rosa
kiku-chiyo: Gunma
sobajima hiromi: bamboo forest
murozo: Surrounded bt the flowers
fromfarbeyond: We are but frames within a frame
ludwig.roemer: im Zöhrergraben (1)
soyokazeojisan: memories (476)A919
wisteria_tree: img135-368-005
sobajima hiromi: steel tower
San'ya: There was Terrible Smell, because of Fire at The Factory
murozo: a persimmon tree
小川 Ogawasan: Les vrais trésors sont à l’air libre