madras91: I found Jules Maigret !
madras91: Backlight
madras91: Meeting
madras91: But it's not serious, sir !
madras91: Garage de l'ile Saint-Louis
madras91: Sound of footsteps
madras91: Architecture
madras91: Why I am not in front of an Apple store?
madras91: Into the light
madras91: Balade matinale
madras91: Balade quai de Valmy
madras91: L'automne arrive au Parc Monceau
madras91: Sportifs des bords de Seine
madras91: Old cars
madras91: Decisive moment ... passers-by were rare !
madras91: Symbole
madras91: Ombres fuyantes
madras91: My new car : MC Cobra 427
madras91: Un air d'antan
madras91: Interior
madras91: Leisurely lunch
madras91: Two dancers
madras91: Dancer
madras91: They come back !
madras91: Movie's making and extras
madras91: The typical day of an extra : waiting
madras91: Old car : Peugeot 201 (1929-1937)
madras91: The mobile phone, an ancient story...
madras91: Movie's making and extras
madras91: Movie's making and extras