phyllographer: Stairs, Commerzbank Tower
phyllographer: Gallery In The Rain
phyllographer: Portal Crane
phyllographer: Preparing the Exhibition
phyllographer: Out Of Home
phyllographer: A Breath Of Fresh Air
phyllographer: Blueish Vents
phyllographer: Blue Reflections
phyllographer: Traces of Omikron?
phyllographer: Monochrome Facade
phyllographer: Blue Glowing Bell Board
phyllographer: Notre-Dame de l'Assomption, Interior
phyllographer: Place Ronde
phyllographer: Glass Facade
phyllographer: Timbering, Rouen
phyllographer: Notre-Dame de l'Assomption de Rouen
phyllographer: Rainy Macro Shot
phyllographer: After Hours
phyllographer: Zebra Canyon
phyllographer: White Library
phyllographer: Sneakers, Warp Speed
phyllographer: Slot Canyon, Monochrome
phyllographer: E.T.'s Phone Box
phyllographer: Cologne Tower, Slanted
phyllographer: Königstuhl, Distant View
phyllographer: Strongly Rounded Cuboid
phyllographer: Rounded Cuboid
phyllographer: Blue Railing