christikren: II = II = architecture = II = II
m_laRs_k: curvaTURE
m_laRs_k: downUNDER two
whidom88: The Harbour.
Splitti68: Window viewing
whidom88: The Wetlands.
m_laRs_k: downUNDER one
ShutterJack: The Gate
christikren: ^^ blue and white ^^
Foot Loose 2012 (Greg): Traffic-XI_84A3734-1
whidom88: Liverpool.
philippe MANGUIN photographies: Cascade hypnotique
m_laRs_k: interSECTION iii
Gaetan Bois: Canada - Québec - Montréal - Place des Arts
m_laRs_k: interSECTION ii
heinzkren: entrance
Ernest Bech: Natural disorder.
Foot Loose 2012 (Greg): Traffic-VIII_84A3828-1
whidom88: The Tram.
whidom88: Tree on a Hill.
blavandmaster: Arctic Counterstrike
m_laRs_k: waveLETS
philippe MANGUIN photographies: Au fond du Val sans retour
m_laRs_k: enVOGUE
philippe MANGUIN photographies: Le Val sans retour sous la neige
m_laRs_k: monoPOLIS
Ernest Bech: A path to the sunrise.
Foot Loose 2012 (Greg): Traffic-VII_84A3859-1
Ernest Bech: Alienation.