DayBreak.Images: On the farm, a farm hand will chase down a pig, snatch it up by its hind leg then hold it up with legs spread so another farm hand can castrate it -needless to say, the pigs don't volunteer for this operation
DayBreak.Images: The Lady Bot has the unenviable task of evicting an Angry Bird and has armed herself !
DayBreak.Images: Bucko the Pirate
DayBreak.Images: "We all live in a Yellow Submarine ! "
DayBreak.Images: Out for an evening stroll
flying-leap: Pretty.....
DayBreak.Images: Edna Mode
angelakanner: Black-Eyed Susans...
DayBreak.Images: Attitude
DayBreak.Images: His parents told him to go play in traffic
jcubic: Code
jcubic: White flowers
Photo LEV: Hydrangea
Photo LEV: Hydrangea
Outlaw Pete 65: Lensbaby 9
angelakanner: Bee Balm...
shoottofill: DSC_5435
h.ullrich: Sommerloch
h.ullrich: Von draußen durch den Raum in die Landschaft
infrar3d: Live Oak 2, Biloxi, March 2018
h.ullrich: Kreuzungsweiche
h.ullrich: Schienenverkehr
Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB: Evening stroll by Eastbourne Pier-2
Alex . Wendes: Letter Box
Alex . Wendes: Holding Hands
h.ullrich: Zug um Zug
h.ullrich: Am Bahnhof
Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB: Last Light on Eastbourne Pier-
Sharon's Shotz: Even when our petals are gone there is still beauty we just have to learn to see it
leo.roos: Yin yang