photocles: For the blue and for the yellow
photocles: Someday
photocles: The Brothers Wilde/After hours on Shop Street
photocles: Shape, shadow and silhouette
photocles: Roosevelt from afar
photocles: Johnny would be so proud
photocles: Pipes and wires on the corner
photocles: Moldy Médoc
photocles: St. Patrick might have appreciated some desert
photocles: Two wild geese and other things
photocles: 10kV
photocles: Common doors in red
photocles: Causeway with the fish
photocles: Silent moment
photocles: Calm on Kylemore
photocles: This one wasn't so lucky
photocles: Out of use
photocles: One with a hat, two without
photocles: James Hardiman Library
photocles: The reflection gave me more real estate
photocles: Receptive Jesuits
photocles: A bit of scatological humour
photocles: Vegan takeaway
photocles: Back from the dead
photocles: Another face on a wall
photocles: Next to King John's place
photocles: She won't let you fly, but she might let you sing.
photocles: Vice put me into a spin
photocles: Just bee
photocles: Victorious against the gray