photocles: Those aren't my footprints
photocles: Leaves now completely gone
photocles: Hanging around for winter
photocles: Pzazz
photocles: A three-cloud, Venetian flashback
photocles: Right here if you need it
photocles: Abrupt transitions
photocles: This one's for Kevin
photocles: Tanks for the test shot
photocles: That's how the castle crumbles
photocles: Right here, right now
photocles: Tubes at a demo
photocles: Door corner area
photocles: Outside the Twelve
photocles: The view from Our Lady of the Wayside Church
photocles: Urban grind
photocles: Progressive street art
photocles: It was once someone's empire
photocles: Frontier shaman
photocles: Rustable and not rustable
photocles: Hard edges
photocles: Oxidation in action
photocles: Clouds and spots of light
photocles: Just concrete and metal...and a cone
photocles: Mweelrea from Tully
photocles: At the edge of the world
photocles: John-Joe doesn't live here anymore
photocles: Benwee pano
photocles: On Dublin time
photocles: Clare pano