DayBreak.Images: Always Breathe
DayBreak.Images: Emerald City Bagels
DayBreak.Images: Bearings Bike Shop
DayBreak.Images: Stripped and left for dead
DayBreak.Images: East Atlanta Village
DayBreak.Images: East Atlanta Village
DayBreak.Images: Landscape
DayBreak.Images: Landscape
DayBreak.Images: My Mongoose
DayBreak.Images: Math books and a possible Application
DayBreak.Images: Garlic,Onion and some cans of Chili
DayBreak.Images: Basket of Fruit
DayBreak.Images: Vase with Rose hip and a Magnolia cone
DayBreak.Images: Cross, Books and Skull
DayBreak.Images: Quick, easy and tasty
DayBreak.Images: Fire hydrant with metering hose
DayBreak.Images: Cotton Bales in the Field ready for transport
DayBreak.Images: Architectural Detail (video version)
DayBreak.Images: Abandoned rusty tractor
DayBreak.Images: Restored Farmhouse originally built circa 1830 - the pale blue color is 'haint blue' and was said to keep evil spirits from entering the house uninvited.
DayBreak.Images: Abandoned Farmhouse
DayBreak.Images: Architectural detail
DayBreak.Images: Small Barn
DayBreak.Images: Rusty Farm equipment
DayBreak.Images: Cotton bales in a Field ready for transport
DayBreak.Images: Building in Ruins
DayBreak.Images: Shed in a Field
DayBreak.Images: Bostwick, GA