arransquare: The day a sad thing happened to me.
kexi: tamil nadu smiling trio
kexi: pinkish tamil nadu
fcsanjuan: CAUDILLA
jerryschnapper: DSCF2778
Andi Fritzsch: Hera an der Talsperre
jerryschnapper: DSCF3279
jerryschnapper: DSCF3282
jerryschnapper: DSCF3354
dannyhennesy: What is brewing in your cellar abstract photography and chemistry all in one single kit...IMG_9646
jerryschnapper: DSCF6067
jerryschnapper: DSCF6146
joxe@n: fujifilm x t10 + minolta 50mm f1.7+ adaptador macro 10mm y 16mm
jerryschnapper: DSCF6487
jerryschnapper: DSCF6505
Andi Fritzsch: Ein Schmetterling zum Montag
jerryschnapper: DSCF4846
kexi: tamil nadu perspective
EllaH52: monochrome
kexi: tamil nadu ceiling
kexi: tamil nadu topless
Andi Fritzsch: Morgens im Elfenwald
David May: Rib, River Clyde, Glasgow, Scotland
ano_voula: Bologna in autumn (or spring) part 2
photocafe: light and shadow
eyedent: China / Beijing
jerryschnapper: DSCF6812