Clive1945: Defford Church #3
Clive1945: On nodding terms
Clive1945: Shorts
Clive1945: St Mary the Virgin
Clive1945: Wrong sizes
Clive1945: Old cottage
Clive1945: Yucca flower
Clive1945: Yellow flowers
Clive1945: Cape Town (1976) #11
Clive1945: Cape Town (1976) #10
Clive1945: Shipps Garage
Clive1945: London Meat
Clive1945: Midsummer Trees #3
Clive1945: P in the bushes
Clive1945: Repeating shapes
Clive1945: Churchyard gate
Clive1945: Tree lined walk
Clive1945: Crooked cross
Clive1945: Our first rose of summer
Clive1945: Chrysler 75 Running Board Mat (1928)
Clive1945: Chrysler 75 Radiator badge (1928)
Clive1945: Defford Church #2
Clive1945: Defford Church #1
Clive1945: Chrysler 75 (1928) #2
Clive1945: Chrysler 75 (1928) #1
Clive1945: Chrysler 75 (1928) #3
Clive1945: Common Blue Damselfly
Clive1945: Gone but not forgotten
Clive1945: Love separated
Clive1945: Angry sky