ofarrowjulia: IMG_8165
Thelonious58 mk2: To brighten up a November day DSCF6154
lynn smith: Hand with rings
lynn smith: Optometrist
lynn smith: Pair of lost mannequins
Rick Olsen: Shoes
ofarrowjulia: hands in the window
ofarrowjulia: residential/commercial
ofarrowjulia: seen thru Brooklyn Museum window
The Shy Photographer (Timido): Rushing for publication
ofarrowjulia: Delivery
ofarrowjulia: Cecconis
ofarrowjulia: beautiful blue
ofarrowjulia: building reflected
DavidLMorris: The Hub - Danville, KY
DavidLMorris: 20170801_193921-
DavidLMorris: D7200-20210510_070527-D72_6287_DxO
DavidLMorris: D7200-20221020_091658-D72_7641_DxO
ofarrowjulia: Yoel Benharrouche
ofarrowjulia: Felice
Gay Foster: He Knows
ofarrowjulia: House of Hoops
ofarrowjulia: Apartment living...
ofarrowjulia: Shoe Architects
ofarrowjulia: Smoke Zone
ofarrowjulia: Counter