annapolis_rose: flower petals floating in a vase
annapolis_rose: Electra
annapolis_rose: Pixel3
annapolis_rose: My cat's favorite flower
annapolis_rose: Green through a bench-2
annapolis_rose: Green through a bench
annapolis_rose: Cirrocumulus cloud formation
annapolis_rose: a promise of darkness
annapolis_rose: stuck in the middle with you
annapolis_rose: an uncluttered yard
annapolis_rose: red church door
annapolis_rose: IMG_5424
annapolis_rose: walk on thru
annapolis_rose: big green leaves
annapolis_rose: dusk sky
annapolis_rose: Riley Park
annapolis_rose: Yellow flower doublex
annapolis_rose: IMG_5396
annapolis_rose: community garden
annapolis_rose: IMG_5384
annapolis_rose: you are alone
annapolis_rose: "If you wait, all that happens is that you get older." ~ Larry McMurty
annapolis_rose: above orange flowers-2
annapolis_rose: above orange flowers-1
annapolis_rose: sunflowers are mandatory
annapolis_rose: last days
annapolis_rose: thistle flower
annapolis_rose: IMG 🌼🌼🌼