annapolis_rose: in flight
annapolis_rose: snow geese
annapolis_rose: Garry Point Park
annapolis_rose: migration
annapolis_rose: lift off
annapolis_rose: snow geese
annapolis_rose: crows at a cemetery
annapolis_rose: Raven having a snack with a couple of crows watching on...
annapolis_rose: Cat friends, Larry & Banana's house.
annapolis_rose: Not the real street name (Larry is a cat)
annapolis_rose: stone wall
annapolis_rose: the girl in the garden
annapolis_rose: MaMa Cella's, Woodland, WA
annapolis_rose: real room keys
annapolis_rose: no valuables inside (probably)
annapolis_rose: an old Underwood at The Balch Hotel
annapolis_rose: I guess I couldn't get enough of the pumpkins at the Balch Hotel... they were everywhere, here at the entrance
annapolis_rose: IMG_4321
annapolis_rose: autumn roses
annapolis_rose: turning
annapolis_rose: lineup
annapolis_rose: pre-ripe pumpkins
annapolis_rose: circles and spokes
annapolis_rose: farming
annapolis_rose: Abandoned
annapolis_rose: IMG_4299
annapolis_rose: farming irrigation
annapolis_rose: focus on the bus