Irene2727: "Purple haze all in my brain, lately things don't seem the same. Actin' funny but don't know why. Scuse me while I kiss the sky." ~~Jimi Hendrix
p.marteville: Flower of the "Silk tree" (Albizia julibrissin)
Ania Tuzel Photography: Chilly Morning
AnBind: Bienenfresser imit Libelle
DannyGar2013: CQ7A8807
atsjebosma: the colours.......during sunset
Harry Rother: On the Prowl
mauvi_63: Mahaiula
Hélène Quintaine: Juste une grappe
Jocey K: Volunteer
Deanne Wildsmith: Shield bug
steve_whitmarsh: Callater Panorama Drama
john.freshney: Common Blue Butterfly (Polyommatus icarus) (Male)
jane.statham: A Dahlia.
spincast1123: Pop up
Sienna62: Catawba Falls
endresárvári: My First Scan
Impatience_1: ** Des butineurs sont à l'oeuvre...**
steve_whitmarsh: Calming Waters
Johan Konz: Sheep on the Heather Field
Irene2727: “When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.” ~~ George R.R. Martin
steinliland: Skagen - surfers beach
albolm911: Ayuntamiento viejo de Bamberg
steve_whitmarsh: Twin Summits
AnBind: Bienenfresser im Weingarten
p.marteville: Time for wild blackberries
atsjebosma: old doors
AnBind: Dorftratsch der Bienenfresser
shinichiro*: Cosmos flowers
diskdoc: Uppark House West Sussex