bayernphoto: Sun and Ice
bayernphoto: Perfection
bayernphoto: My favorite Christmas tree is still alive in mother nature and shines bright between the rocks of Cinque Torri
bayernphoto: Tofane Panorama
bayernphoto: Fall foliage frame
bayernphoto: Splendid Autumn
bayernphoto: Alpenglow, Alpenglühen
bayernphoto: Double Sunstar
bayernphoto: Bent larch tree
bayernphoto: Autumn Reflections
bayernphoto: Holy Meadow and the Peaks
bayernphoto: The Dragon's Back
bayernphoto: Shaun's family
bayernphoto: The Golden Forest
bayernphoto: He will take care of us
bayernphoto: Best Viewpoint
bayernphoto: The Mirror
bayernphoto: 3 Cime - unusual view from the south
bayernphoto: Sunstar over Marmolata
bayernphoto: A cold morning at Lago Sorapis
bayernphoto: Dolomiti Panoramic View
bayernphoto: Fall Fire and the Dolomites
bayernphoto: A Paraglider landing in the Alps
bayernphoto: Marvellous Dolomite Mountains
bayernphoto: Signpost in nature
bayernphoto: Morning Light
bayernphoto: Sunlit larch tree forest
bayernphoto: Tofane, Dolomites
bayernphoto: The Rock
bayernphoto: Hiking Dolomites Fall Wonderland