ximo rosell: Punt de vista / Point of view.
Joseph Pearson Images: In the Round
tapatim: four separated
losy: Glass
Sub Voce: Familiar Lands & Strange skies
Enzag: Drop inside all you want ..
robbbpage: On the way up
Klaus Ressmann: Twins.jpg
Irene2727: “Synchronicity occurs at the intersection of your awareness, response, perspective, and action.” ~~ Andrea Goeglein
2n2907: Architectural Abstract
unclebobjim: Varying Intensity Luminosity
Miruso: Face
ebergcanada: Frau Holle
jan warneck: deadline
Récard: Reflections 20
Peter Rea XIII: City Canal
marratime: EUR46 color
salanderrr: Royan 2
unclebobjim: Unexplained Pattern Presence - Oxford
cotton.candy581: Wonky is back
2n2907: Abstract Photo
marratime: EUR81 bn
robbbpage: Enlightenment
msdonnalee: soma blues VI
losy: more wood pannels
Enzag: nadie lo entiende ..
2n2907: Abstract Architecture