msdonnalee: sidestepping the stairs
msdonnalee: fabric-ated
msdonnalee: abstraction of an abstraction
msdonnalee: mural detail
msdonnalee: hypothetical housing II
msdonnalee: pitiful potted plant
msdonnalee: hilltop apts
msdonnalee: springtime in october II
msdonnalee: close encounters of the architectural kind
msdonnalee: downtown oakland
msdonnalee: birds 'decorating' rooftop
msdonnalee: weathered wall fx
msdonnalee: going up?
msdonnalee: dc apartments
msdonnalee: denied access
msdonnalee: urban mix
msdonnalee: conjunction
msdonnalee: overstuffed and fx'ed
msdonnalee: omca garden sculpture detail
msdonnalee: experiencing a few ups and downs
msdonnalee: getting past appearances
msdonnalee: maison magenta
msdonnalee: step up to the occasion
msdonnalee: artisan metalwork detail
msdonnalee: neighborhood geometry
msdonnalee: serrated stairway
msdonnalee: chickenwire fx
msdonnalee: electric stairway fx
msdonnalee: welcome to las monjas
msdonnalee: rooftop access