msdonnalee: sfsu new construction detail
msdonnalee: gilded entry
msdonnalee: a wrap up
msdonnalee: step aside
msdonnalee: trying to get back to square one
msdonnalee: poppin' potted plant
msdonnalee: pretty maids all in a row
msdonnalee: missing a bit of gingerbread
msdonnalee: fence/gate fx
msdonnalee: flamboyant facade
msdonnalee: restricted access
msdonnalee: weeds on the lam
msdonnalee: cutting a corner II
msdonnalee: minimal mall detail
msdonnalee: "When you're green, you're growing. When you're ripe, you rot" -- Ray Kroc
msdonnalee: glimpse of nasturtiums
msdonnalee: painterly potted plants
msdonnalee: van ness vic detail
msdonnalee: pastel petals
msdonnalee: bit o' deco
msdonnalee: splatterstract
msdonnalee: waiting for the muni metro
msdonnalee: perfect stairs for halloween
msdonnalee: eerie entry fx
msdonnalee: offbeat victorian stairs
msdonnalee: st. charles st dwellings
msdonnalee: sunny stucco detail
msdonnalee: arch st. neighbors
msdonnalee: feeling of falling
msdonnalee: branches and windows