msdonnalee: historic queretaro detail
msdonnalee: candelabra 2/3
msdonnalee: fox theater looming
msdonnalee: replacement for defacement
msdonnalee: down to the nitty gritty
msdonnalee: work space in sma
msdonnalee: bloomingdale's floor display
msdonnalee: rutter roof
msdonnalee: perky purple pails and ribbons
msdonnalee: slippery when wet
msdonnalee: city hall rules
msdonnalee: urban contrasts
msdonnalee: brick and stuccostract
msdonnalee: in the jailhouse now
msdonnalee: las monjas wall / calle canal window
msdonnalee: temple fountain
msdonnalee: patio seating
msdonnalee: queretaro colors
msdonnalee: patio lamp fx
msdonnalee: here and "there" II
msdonnalee: geometry at casa ramirez
msdonnalee: steps and shadows at casa ramirez
msdonnalee: 1818 birthplace of Ignacio Ramirez
msdonnalee: outer gallery
msdonnalee: la llave
msdonnalee: mirrored mural on the wall
msdonnalee: fox theater detail
msdonnalee: church window cutaway fx
msdonnalee: templo del oratorio