msdonnalee: facade fx
msdonnalee: exit stage left
msdonnalee: temple fx
msdonnalee: festive bric-a-brac
msdonnalee: distressed
msdonnalee: the usual bars and shutters
msdonnalee: touch of local color
msdonnalee: no biz like show biz IV
msdonnalee: odd facade
msdonnalee: stepping up my game II
msdonnalee: steps and shadows at casa ramirez II
msdonnalee: geo-queretaro
msdonnalee: orange planes meet up
msdonnalee: fast food roof
msdonnalee: greening oakland
msdonnalee: ceramic curves and swirls
msdonnalee: deco neighbors
msdonnalee: paint test
msdonnalee: after the rain
msdonnalee: more than one way to look at it
msdonnalee: ceramic weave
msdonnalee: lines vines and curves II
msdonnalee: sunny portal
msdonnalee: back stairs at casa allende
msdonnalee: wall side slide
msdonnalee: ensuring privacy
msdonnalee: battered barrow good-to-go
msdonnalee: close encounter
msdonnalee: a bank with branches II
msdonnalee: catty-corner