msdonnalee: reading between the lines
msdonnalee: jack-o-stract
msdonnalee: morning sun on sma colors
msdonnalee: intersections
msdonnalee: dc diagonal
msdonnalee: red on blackstract
msdonnalee: jigsaw facade
msdonnalee: bark fx
msdonnalee: peepers
msdonnalee: beam me up
msdonnalee: metal sidingstract
msdonnalee: 'chair-treuse' choices
msdonnalee: construction site 'mixed media' :-)
msdonnalee: mission meet-up II
msdonnalee: aftermath II
msdonnalee: parched plant
msdonnalee: odd facade
msdonnalee: rutter center IV
msdonnalee: going around in circles
msdonnalee: dusty details
msdonnalee: street art bit
msdonnalee: mission mural meet-up
msdonnalee: dark shadows and reflections on 9/11
msdonnalee: toward higher education II
msdonnalee: artsy window detail
msdonnalee: getting rid of the grey
msdonnalee: parking lot detail
msdonnalee: wall demon