msdonnalee: rutter center angles
msdonnalee: "trophy" detail
msdonnalee: double take
msdonnalee: the last step
msdonnalee: peel with grafitti
msdonnalee: you get a line and i'll get a pole ♪ ♫
msdonnalee: samtranstract
msdonnalee: geo-weave
msdonnalee: marcela rosado painting detail III
msdonnalee: oldie on market st.
msdonnalee: "harp" detail
msdonnalee: rutter center
msdonnalee: g.g. ferry arriving
msdonnalee: mission geometry
msdonnalee: tacoma cranes and more
msdonnalee: tacoma cranes
msdonnalee: bit of the bridge
msdonnalee: soma door
msdonnalee: masterful carving
msdonnalee: embarcadero winter 2
msdonnalee: details, details, details...
msdonnalee: merry christmas everyone!
msdonnalee: embarcadero winter
msdonnalee: up, down and sideways
msdonnalee: condo backside
msdonnalee: weaving windows
msdonnalee: condo profile
msdonnalee: nailed it
msdonnalee: a bit of wreath might be a nice touch