ralphlaforge: Dawn over Meredith College
ralphlaforge: Namu Spirit
ralphlaforge: Kaleidoscopic dawn
ralphlaforge: Whitfield Farms Dawn
ralphlaforge: Namu spirit
ralphlaforge: Ghost Tree
ralphlaforge: Winter Lakescape
ralphlaforge: Aspens rising
Traud: IMG_1898 Traunstein: 4 Tage später
Traud: IMG_1794 Traunstein: Weihnachten 2012
ralphlaforge: Sandy Creek fall harmonic reflection
Traud: IMG_1650 Traunstein: Sunset
Traud: IMG_1771 Traunstein: Sunset
Traud: IMG_1720 Traunstein: Christmas-Sunset
ralphlaforge: Damp Sandy Creek morning
ralphlaforge: Scrubbed forest
ralphlaforge: Fall blurrrr
ralphlaforge: Kaleidoscopic nature
ralphlaforge: Dawn burst
ralphlaforge: Los Poblanos morning
ralphlaforge: Los Poblanos Agriculture Center
ralphlaforge: Twin Lakes fall hiking - California
ralphlaforge: Beauty Along the English Way - Camino
ralphlaforge: Duke Forest rays of photons
midnightstar57: Dark and Sinister
ralphlaforge: Duke forest drama
ralphlaforge: The ambiance of Sandy Creek
ralphlaforge: Foggy meadow
ralphlaforge: Los Poblanos dawn
photomama777: Bridge to tranquility.