photomama777: Trains & Tracks
photomama777: Classic Beauty
photomama777: Eric - Turtle Creek Chamber Orchestra Concert
photomama777: Alex in Seussical the Musical
photomama777: Roofless Silo
photomama777: Around 3rd base, heading for home
photomama777: Looking up inside a vintage limestone silo.
photomama777: Three Benches and a Kayak
photomama777: Eric keeping his eyes on the conductor
photomama777: My Sun Kissed Lily
photomama777: Decorative Wall - Fence around Garden from Kayak
photomama777: Happy Bench Monday - Another Shot from the Kayak
photomama777: Zig Zag Pier viewed from Kayak
photomama777: Jamie in his Kayak
photomama777: Rotary Gardens Bridge and Fountain from my Kayak
photomama777: Sun Setting at Lake Geneva
photomama777: Tree in Lake Geneva
photomama777: Benches By Lake Geneva
photomama777: Mee-shy Playing with her Toy by the Fence
photomama777: Beautiful Classic Dodge
photomama777: Makaylynn
photomama777: Happy Bench Monday
photomama777: Flag on the Wall & Fire Escape Stairway & Old Style Windows
photomama777: Fence Around the Parking Lot
photomama777: Fish Ladder at Beckman Mill Park
photomama777: Tranquil Scene at Beckman Mill Park
photomama777: Solitary Goose
photomama777: Coyote or Dog or Crossbreed?
photomama777: Horse Grazing
photomama777: Trees Holding Their Fallen Friend in B&W