ralphlaforge: Blue bayou
ralphlaforge: Rays of grace
ralphlaforge: Outburst
ralphlaforge: Double shot!!
ralphlaforge: Nature nurture
ralphlaforge: Another itch
ralphlaforge: Scratch that itch (Heron grooming)
ralphlaforge: Harmonic reflection
ralphlaforge: Shimmering geese
ralphlaforge: One spring day
ralphlaforge: Lagoon dreams
ralphlaforge: Matanuska River basin - Alaska
ralphlaforge: Sandy Creek Lagoon
ralphlaforge: Eagle River Basin Alaska
ralphlaforge: Knik River basin after the snows - Palmer AK
ralphlaforge: Pre-dawn - Girdwood AK
ralphlaforge: Turnagain morning AK
ralphlaforge: Eagle River AK
ralphlaforge: Reflection lake - AK
ralphlaforge: Dawn over Knit Arm bay AK
ralphlaforge: Super Moon on ILS approach - Anchorage airport
ralphlaforge: Sun-up Knit Arm bay AK
ralphlaforge: Potter Marsh AK
ralphlaforge: Majestic Turnagain Arm - Alaska
ralphlaforge: Sun-up Knik Arm bay AK
ralphlaforge: Moon set at 35,000 ft
ralphlaforge: Turnagain Arm AK
ralphlaforge: Mirror Lake
ralphlaforge: Eagle River lagoon
ralphlaforge: Dawn over Eagle River AK