ClaudeFiset: Eastern Meadowlark.
ChasingNature: Red-breasted Nuthatch (female)
richarddawes1: 118A0876
Snixy_85: My, what big ears you have!!
wesleybarr1962: Had my bath
Snixy_85: 3 of a kind
Sandor15: Okanagan Eagle
Stef Olcen: Garcin Rocks Haul Out
Stef Olcen: Peace in Sandspit
SpyderMarley: Out on a limb.
Engrooved Splash: The Quiet Silhouette
Michael W Klotz - The Bird Cedar Waxwing - Meadow Lake, BC
jasbond007: Good camouflage
richarddawes1: 118A1360
Duncan Jacob: Baby Mallard
jasbond007: Harbour Seals
da_martin: Ground Squirrels
Duncan Jacob: White Pelican
Steve Constable: Black Headed Grossbeak
Duncan Jacob: Osprey
ClaudeFiset: Columbian Ground Squirrel.
wesleybarr1962: "organic and gluten free"
richarddawes1: 118A0632
richarddawes1: 118A0108
ChasingNature: Pine Siskin (female)
wesleybarr1962: I know I should not be here
wesleybarr1962: Pretty among the wild flowers
Fish as art: The Big Gulp
ClaudeFiset: The Loon Of Walloper Lake.