curtis4x5: Antiques
youngwarrior: House Foundation
Mike Sheahan: Corvallis Auction Yard
Desert Sun Images: Rest in Peace
pat silveri: Old-Upright-Piano-0468
pat silveri: Abandoned Farm House
pat silveri: Inside Out Barn, Oregon Wheat Country
pat silveri: Moonrise, Abandoned Farmhouse
geezer pics: Somewhere in eastern Oregon, won't say where
splatwriter: Out in the Shed
rickwil64: Been There For A Long Time
et078: Coquille lighthouse at night
rickwil64: Beyond Repair
rickwil64: Yellow Flower Day
rickwil64: Where's The Driveway
rickwil64: Another Lost Farm Home
rickwil64: Flowers In The Windows
youngwarrior: Abandoned Spur
rickwil64: Another Forgotten Church
*Jason: Rat
*Jason: Jim
*Jason: Door
*Jason: Wheelchair
*Jason: Parking Spot
*Jason: Markus
*Jason: Shoes
*Jason: Wand
*Jason: Lavender Flu
*Jason: Door
*Jason: Door