Amateur ph'r from Leeds.: Motion blur in Morley.
Alan Burkwood: 47101. Hasland 1988.
Alan Burkwood: 'Vanguard' Diesel Shunter. Stanlow 1988
Vanity of Vanities: He’s got a fast car
dennisgoodwin: Jack Goff driving his MG 888 Racing prepared MG 6 during a BTCC race meeting at Oulton Park circuit, 2015.
byzanceblue: OAM2019
Alan Burkwood: 92220. Bridlington 1988.
Alexandre D_: IMG_0326-2
PhilBee NZ (social historian): Life on the river (54) - Cai Rang floating market
Johntasaurus: Stubborn Obstacle
Jack Metthey: Room #7
Bendigoish: Leap in the pool
HarryMorrowPhotography: 2021-01-22_1134
☾Silvermoon: Power to kick up
philipwhitcombe: Canada Goose takes off beside the lighthouse, Humber Bay Waterfront Park
Waddellz: On the Track - Maple Leaf Indoor Games
Fly Sandman: Kootenai River
Juan Ga Rodriguez: Los Cabos, Mexico.
austexican718: Misty Morning Deer
chicoepm: Velocity
Walt Gill: with wings open wide
Walt Gill: Blood on the wing
Walt Gill: About to perch