davidbowden45: Donuts & Bagels
davidbowden45: Different
davidbowden45: 7th Ave. perspective
davidbowden45: On the steps
davidbowden45: Suites on Times Square
davidbowden45: Person to Person
davidbowden45: New York Police Dept
davidbowden45: Manhattan Subway
davidbowden45: Right Now, Right Here
davidbowden45: Manhattan Selfie
davidbowden45: Crossing
davidbowden45: Live Lobster
davidbowden45: Christmas in Abu Dhabi
davidbowden45: Christmas in Dubai
davidbowden45: Xmas in the Emirates
davidbowden45: Very British
davidbowden45: British Boot & Shoe Factory
davidbowden45: Empty street
davidbowden45: The helping hand
davidbowden45: Up and Down
davidbowden45: Watch your step
davidbowden45: Overloaded
davidbowden45: Fast Shoes Repair
davidbowden45: No Entry
davidbowden45: The Butchers
davidbowden45: Eyes to the front