leo.roos: Fading fence
frodul: Rhoda-Erdmann-Haus
NamasKat: Tirer son épingle du jeu
leo.roos: Happy galaxy
frodul: Balkone | Balcony
leo.roos: When spring comes I'll send you tulips from Amsterdam
leo.roos: Fading fence
leo.roos: Fading fence
ValeDM: perspective
leo.roos: Straight and curvy
bootpainter: Family portrait, c.1915
leo.roos: Choose your rise and run
bootpainter: Sunset reflections
leo.roos: Lonely lamppost
leo.roos: Patterns galore
NamasKat: Paros (Grèce) : Naoussa
leo.roos: City Hall, Leyweg, The Hague
Pit Spielmann: NY Power Plant
leo.roos: Hidden colours
James Patterson: Sandakan Malaysia
Pit Spielmann: Loading docks ...
leo.roos: The blue stairs
leo.roos: Radiator
leo.roos: Fading fence
leo.roos: Benches benches benches
Nefise H: Gestalt ~ Cycle of Experience
leo.roos: Zigzag
bootpainter: Class portrait, c.1920s
bootpainter: Elementary School Class Portrait, c. 1920s