SilViolence: Carpattern
leo.roos: Window in the floor
Traud: IMG_6472 Cembalo
leo.roos: Window
leo.roos: Lovers few and far between
' m x b c h r: Andy Warhol (peut-être)
leo.roos: Going down to the water
' m x b c h r: Place de jeux
James Rye: Village Hall
leo.roos: The blue door
Jan van der Wolf: Old hotel
leo.roos: Fence art
Jan van der Wolf: Four times No Stopping
BS-Foto: 09064067
Jan van der Wolf: Cycle Racks
leo.roos: Arcade
NamasKat: Paros (Grèce) : Naoussa
Susan Walker QP: 48914062_10155767021561123_2463802517562064896_n 72
Jan van der Wolf: Green lines and orange rooftiles
Studio d'Xavier: Staging the Brick
Mark.Swanson: flying dots
leo.roos: Fence
NamasKat: Lisbonne (Mouraria) : La fenêtre et les motifs ronds
bootpainter: some anger issues here #1 (c.1910)
Mark.Swanson: 2019 - Day 307: shrimp