Manfred_H.: Damaged forests, deforestation and reforestation
high noon 2012: The White Tree
valery_pokotylo: Platanus acerifolia. Platanaceae. M.Gryshko National Botanic Garden. Kyiv. Ukraine.
east med wanderer: New Forest NP, Hampshire, UK
Julian Heritage: Spotlight
Simon Nicholson Photography: The Enchanting Wistmans wood.
Manfred_H.: Spruce monoculture: the key malefactor of most storm losses and bark-beetle attacks within Arnsberg Forest
fonishi: Winter Walk-3, Asukano @Nara,Jun2020
surfcaster9: Stand of Oak trees
wim hoppenbrouwers: Sint-Jan Cathedral Den Bosch 3D
Taras Kulyk: Svydovets
overtime yu: Forest Monster
Grifos: Trickling
ro_ha_becker: heathland
ro_ha_becker: three birchtrees
Ni Ten Do: Rama
ro_ha_becker: heathland
high noon 2012: Woodland Sculpture
Peter Musolino: Alexandria, VA
charlesziegler4: Fall Morning Reflection
hamsiksa: Trees IR #9 2020; Washingtonia
TheArtOfPhotographyByLouisRuth: Epic Stevens Canyon 2020
vaneramos: The way home
vaneramos: Summer textures
Pascal LH: Petit clin d'oeil...