klewis4848: My Messy Kitchen Counter in the Morning Light
klewis4848: Happy Autumn Equinox 2020!
klewis4848: A Puff of Fluff
klewis4848: Bzzzzzzzzzzz - My First (and one and only) bee photo!
klewis4848: Japanese Anemone - the whole flower
klewis4848: Japanese Anemone - the inner core
klewis4848: Finallly ----> Blue!
klewis4848: Duck Luck
klewis4848: Ladies Get the Shadows
klewis4848: Eary Morning Sunirse Along the Sacramento River
klewis4848: Buttonbush - (Cephalanthus occidentalis)
klewis4848: Smoke-filled Skies from the Fires in Northern California
klewis4848: Cosumnes River Preserve
klewis4848: Grass
klewis4848: Orange Pyracantha (most likely!)
klewis4848: Abutilon- known by many names including Flowering Maple, Indian Mallow and Red Vein Indian Mallow.
klewis4848: Sunflower bud - on the same stalk as the big flower!
klewis4848: Sunflower - on the same stalk as the sunflower bud! This flower is about 8 feet tall!
klewis4848: Peek a boo, I see you!
klewis4848: Buttonbush - sorry for so many in one day, I've never seen these before...
klewis4848: Red Seeded Dandelion (Taraxacum erythrospermum)
klewis4848: Soutshide Park Pond and Reflections
klewis4848: Dreamy Morning Light
klewis4848: Sacramento River looking south - downriver
klewis4848: Sign of the Times
klewis4848: Double Cluster of Purple Lantana
klewis4848: Neighborhood Walking Only Trail
klewis4848: Columns Under the Tower Bridge Along the Sacramento River
klewis4848: Thorns
klewis4848: In a Victorian Garden