klewis4848: Nigella Damascena aka Love-In-a-Mist
klewis4848: Blue Hour with a Bit of Pink and a Crescent Moon
klewis4848: Finally!
klewis4848: TL-20 Pocket Knife Handle Up Close
klewis4848: Early Morning Light
klewis4848: Fire Escape on 10th Street
klewis4848: Backlit Borage at Dawn
klewis4848: A Bit of Spring
klewis4848: The Leaves Are Back
klewis4848: On My Way Into Town
klewis4848: White Rose (at least I think it is!)
klewis4848: Reading the Morning Paper
klewis4848: The Gatekeeper - Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk
klewis4848: Possibly a Fortnight Lily ??
klewis4848: Hood Ornament
klewis4848: Dried Wild Rose Hips
klewis4848: A Doozy of a Daisy
klewis4848: Fuchsia-flowering Gooseberry - Late Afternoon Backlighting
klewis4848: Peaceful Misty Morning Scene
klewis4848: Morning Fog
klewis4848: Bird of Paradise - Pointy Tip (the orange flowers are all gone)
klewis4848: Taking a Stroll Down R Street - The Happiness Dispenser!
klewis4848: Johnny Cash - all 15 stories of him - rooftop across the street view
klewis4848: Johnny Cash - all 15 stories of him - groundlevel view
klewis4848: Chasmanthe flowers aka Cobra Lily
klewis4848: Hanging By a Slim Thread OR Why Is This Very Old Red Watering Can Hanging From a (hidden) Tree Branch?
klewis4848: Signs of Spring - Chasmanthe (aka Cobra Lily) buds
klewis4848: Barely There - Morning Fog at William Land Park
klewis4848: Little Monk at Afternoon Meditation Program at the Plant Foundry on Broadway
klewis4848: Statue Group Meditation at the Plant Foundry Nursery on Broadway