klewis4848: A Place to Sit and Enjoy the Forest
klewis4848: Marshland
klewis4848: Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National WIldlife Refuge
klewis4848: Steilacoom Lake Morning Blue Hour
klewis4848: This Morning's Sunrise at Steilacoom Lake
klewis4848: Garden Cross Spider
klewis4848: Sunrise Over Puget Sound
klewis4848: Old Fashioned Weigela aka Weigela Florida
klewis4848: A Road Less Traveled
klewis4848: Tree Creature in the Forest!!
klewis4848: Overnight Rain!
klewis4848: Fall(ing)
klewis4848: Lamp Chain
klewis4848: Likin' Lichen
klewis4848: Rainy Days - A Walk in the Woods
klewis4848: After the Rain - Lakewood, Washington
klewis4848: Soft Landing
klewis4848: White Japanese Aneomone
klewis4848: Common Hazel leaves (according to the PlantNet app!)
klewis4848: Fallness
klewis4848: Morning Sunrise at Steilacoom Lake - Lakewood, Washington
klewis4848: Yes - MORE MOUNT RAINIER!!
klewis4848: Prairie Grass
klewis4848: Orb Weaver Spider in the Forest
klewis4848: Dahlia bud in a Friend's Garden
klewis4848: "Ready for launch sir!"
klewis4848: Experiment at ISO 8000 + DxO Pure Raw
klewis4848: Finally! The Weather Washington Is Famous For!
klewis4848: Morning Walk in the Woods
klewis4848: Roadside View of Mt. Rainier - Orting, Washington