klewis4848: A Peek of the Peak - Late Afternoon at the Lake
klewis4848: Mt. Rainier - Morning Scene at the Lake
klewis4848: Happy Valentines Day!
klewis4848: Partial view of Chambers Bay - University Place, Washington
klewis4848: Rare Sighting!!
klewis4848: Tip of Ketron Island
klewis4848: Cloudburst
klewis4848: Construction in Commencement Bay
klewis4848: Mt. Rainier/Tahoma, mid-afternoon view!
klewis4848: Silcox Island making it's appearance as the ultra dense morning fog lifts!
klewis4848: Fishing People at the lake on a balmy - 58 degrees! - overcast day
klewis4848: The Rainbow!
klewis4848: Grey Days
klewis4848: Industry Along Foss Waterway Seaport
klewis4848: Snow Covered Olympic Mountains
klewis4848: Steilacoom-Anderson Island ferry
klewis4848: Cold Winter Day Scene - Steilacoom, Washington
klewis4848: Mount Rainier on a 21 degree day!
klewis4848: Afternoon Break in the Rainy Windy Chilly Weather
klewis4848: Recovery Meds - everything but the kitchen sink!
klewis4848: Cold Misty Morning Sunrise - Mt. Rainier Barely Visible
klewis4848: This Morning's Misty West Facing Sunrise View at American Lake
klewis4848: Taking a Break!
klewis4848: Takao Galaxy - oil/tanker, flying under the flag of Panama!
klewis4848: Beautiful Blue Hour Sunset
klewis4848: Boating in the Dense Early Morning Fog!
klewis4848: Final Moment's of Tonight's Sunset
klewis4848: After the Dense Morning Fog Burn-off
klewis4848: The Bench - Steilacoom, Washington
klewis4848: Idyllic Sunset at the Lake