klewis4848: Industry Along Thea Foss Waterway - Tacoma, Washington
klewis4848: A Moment in Time from Tonight's Sunset
klewis4848: American Lake Park Boat Launch area - taken at yesterday morning's sunrise!
klewis4848: Daybreak at American Lake
klewis4848: What a Sight to Behold!
klewis4848: Heralds of Autumn - almost here!
klewis4848: Sunday Daybreak at the Lake
klewis4848: Hazy View of Mt. Rainier on a Lovely Morning!
klewis4848: Early Morning Walk in the Woods - A Magnificent Tree!
klewis4848: One more dahlia photo!
klewis4848: Collarette Dahlia - Pt. Defiance Experimental Dahlia Garden
klewis4848: Fuchsia magellanica
klewis4848: Ethereal Dahlia
klewis4848: Dahlia Splendor
klewis4848: Pinkish Purplish Japanese Anemone!
klewis4848: "Born to ride ferries!" - my new motto!
klewis4848: Magical Sunset from up in the Steilacoom hills
klewis4848: Morning Walk in the Woods - Left leaning tree!
klewis4848: Sundial Sculpture in Jack Hyde Park on Commencement Bay in Tacoma, Wasshington!
klewis4848: Little Purpleish Japanese Anemone!
klewis4848: Purple Vervain with a Little Orange Skipper Butterfly!
klewis4848: Early Morning Walk in the Woods
klewis4848: Leavin' On a Jet Plane 🎵🎵
klewis4848: Lazy Hazy Saturday Morning!
klewis4848: Titlow Beach - Mid-afternoon Panorama
klewis4848: Two Ferries Rubbing Noses at Blue Hour Sunset
klewis4848: Tonightts Totally Unbelievable Remarkable Sunset!
klewis4848: Ny New Neighbor!
klewis4848: The Return of the Anderson Island - Ketron Island Ferry on it's way home from the Ketron Island stop!
klewis4848: Sunset Sunstar - looking out over South Puget Sound