Rckr88: Fun in the Mud
Gene Ellison: Tall Goldenrod 2
Gene Ellison: Pollen Covered Bee 2
Gene Ellison: Tired ol' Dragonfly
Thanathip Moolvong: Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong
UweBKK (α 77 on ): First signs of autumn by the river Inn with Zahmer Kaiser mountain range near Kiefersfelden in Bavaria, Germany
Merrillie: Sunrise waterscape and reflections with clouds
Alberto Estefanía: Árbol de Josué (Yucca brevifolia) II
SaffyH: The Tay Castle near Kenmore inPerthshire, Scotland - October 2018
Rolandito.: Astana
Carl Campbell: Bosque Bits
Alexandre Grebe: [DUK] - Colin Swimming Trunks
Jim Hoover Photography: Newspaper Rock, Petroglyphs @ Utah
ingemar_akerlind: Backlight
LynneW22: Red Berries
LynneW22: Sunset fishing
_Veit_: Picking
BruCampion: Plaisance
LynneW22: Sunglasses and Gloves Weather
LynneW22: Bridge over the Falls
hedera.baltica: Harlequin ladybeetle
wolfgang.kynast: Another bath in the brook (read the story!)
LynneW22: Waterfall at Dollar Glen
Todd Dixon: American Bullfrog
cyclingshepherd: Eryngium maritimum
Ralph_H: Le Creux du Van, NE