Jon Dev: Trail in snow, Fish Creek and adjacent forest, south Calgary
Jon Dev: Snow on conifer branches, south Calgary
Jon Dev: ICM blur abstract: art distortion - #101
Jon Dev: Orange and white plastic tarps
Jon Dev: Sunlight and shadow on concrete and pipes
Jon Dev: Geometric architecture, view up: white condo tower with curved balconies
Jon Dev: ICM blur abstract: distorted letters on a chalkboard
Jon Dev: ICM blur abstract: creation of various curved lines at night
Jon Dev: Canadian Rockies peaks, north Kananaskis area, Alberta
Jon Dev: Cliff walls in the Rockies, Kananaskis area of Alberta, western Canada
Jon Dev: Architectural details, exterior of Central Memorial Library, Calgary
Jon Dev: Weathered old painted letters on a brick wall
Jon Dev: ICM blur abstract: art distortion - #100
Jon Dev: Folded gneiss layers in polished building stone
Jon Dev: Partly shadowed buildings in west downtown Calgary
Jon Dev: The Bow building: tall, curved, and geometric
Jon Dev: Architectural style: homes in Calgary - #170
Jon Dev: Urban style: houses in Toronto - #19
Jon Dev: Environmental advice
Jon Dev: ICM blur abstract: complex curves at night
Jon Dev: Trees downed by beavers, Prince's Island Park, central Calgary
Jon Dev: Five ducks and one goose on ice
Jon Dev: Architectural geometry: view up of the Bow building, Calgary
Jon Dev: Cliffy mountain top with trees, southern British Columbia, Canada
Jon Dev: Kelowna flowers - #7
Jon Dev: Wide-angle snowy scene, 52 St. SE, Calgary
Jon Dev: Abstract: blurred orange flowers
Jon Dev: Abstract: parts of red letters on black
Jon Dev: ICM blur abstract: X-mas lights made curvilinear
Jon Dev: Ventilation duct metal and wall at night