rvk82: Building a new home!
giselasfotos: Gisela_Nagel-Fl-6639-Grünfink
jlfconceicao: Mocho galego - Athene noctua - Little owl
PNWheat: “Take This”
lukasz36: Bonelli’s Eagle
Gary Watson: Feeding excitement
Fred Roe: Heading down
Fred Roe: Dapper fellow
andrebobbitt1: mockingbird 3 (2)
andrebobbitt1: swallow (2)
andrebobbitt1: swallow 2 (2)
Antonio Lorenzo Terres: Carraca europea
bsloan: Don't take that aggressive stance with me
joegraham63: DSC_8120
Mandenno photography: Siberian eagle owl - Pakawipark
joegraham63: DSC_8135
joegraham63: DSC_8139
Jamie Lenh Photography: Baltimore Oriole (f)
bsloan: Cygnet, River Teith
serromvil: Black stork
MagnusGustafsson: Little Tern (Sternula albifrons)
FergalSandra: Wood Pidgeon and apple
FergalSandra: Grasshopper Warbler Cooley
FergalSandra: Linnet male Cooley
Thomas Winstone: Hunkered down I just managed to fit this little man in! No crop!
lennycarl08: Two Owls
E.W. Smit Wildlife: EOS-1D X4653 Must be viewed large. Cattle Egret. Kaanapali, Maui Hawaii.
MagnusGustafsson: Corn Bunting (Emberiza calandra)