ruggeroranzani_RR: 2019-♈-279
Lonny_Ti: Gueule de bois
Drummerdelight: Lemon & Karen
EyesnapArt: smile_5065c copy
rubenheijloo: The whale
IAmTomJones: Black White Phoneboxes
mgiuman: Be smiling
IAmTomJones: Covent Garden Ball Reflection
Francisco (PortoPortugal): Felgueiras lighthouse
COOLS Anthony: commendatore
Igorza76: Buffalo. BKA
Thirsty Hrothgar: Easier to beg for forgiveness
chicos54: Silhouette mésange
M.T.A.V: Climping Beach Long Exposure 5
Drummerdelight: Girl from the city - C
Drummerdelight: Lemon with pleasure
fadercurle: T3T34177
Lonny_Ti: Flowers
antonio porcar cano: Peter Bernstein
Drummerdelight: Lemon - Dieter bis
Lonny_Ti: Little Chloe
erenguzel1: Unknown, probably expired film bought at a flea market converted to Bnw
madras91: Yunnan tibetain
deboof: Amsterdam West.