AP@usD: wood
AP@usD: curve
AP@usD: hang out
AP@usD: broken
AP@usD: just landed
AP@usD: land under
AP@usD: soft
AP@usD: not exactly
AP@usD: step by step
AP@usD: empty
AP@usD: drive
AP@usD: midday walk
AP@usD: merry christmas and a happy new year
AP@usD: anticipation
AP@usD: offside
AP@usD: translate
AP@usD: why not
AP@usD: come in
AP@usD: heavy metal
AP@usD: cups
AP@usD: blooming
AP@usD: white
AP@usD: lashes
AP@usD: strong
AP@usD: simply
AP@usD: no weeds
AP@usD: turn
AP@usD: Cloudy
AP@usD: border
AP@usD: the thing