RainoL: Türisalu klint (Estonia, 20200824)
65mb: craters of the moon national monument idaho
DenverDwight: Volcanic Breccia Cobble - Mudflow?
A W (Tony) Grover: Honaker Trail geology
W9JIM: Carlsbad Caverns
princessangel: Florida Beach Rock
princessangel: Florida Beach Rock
princessangel: Florida Beach Rock
Mark Egger: Laminar_sedimentary_Yakutat_1_2
sdttds: DSC_1541_October scary-face thunderegg or geode
David-Gordon-Photography: Rick’s Tunnel Site
oldimageshoppe: IMG_0002 A Warm Glow
Jeffrey Neihart: Botswana Agate - South Africa
mjfmjfmjf: IMG_20201007_111756268_HDR
PenangCA: The Holes
DenverDwight: Castile formation handsample
DenverDwight: rockfall along joint planes
andreybogdanov: Висячий камень. Ергаки. Hanging stone. Ergaki N.P.
mjfmjfmjf: IMG_20201007_091136066_HDR
dmmaus: King Solomon's Cave
DenverDwight: Zebraite?
Jeffrey Neihart: Banded Amethyst from South Africa
TAC.Photography: Sugarloaf Cove - Lake Superior - on Minnesota's North Shore drive
Xevi V: Icnites 5
Ub R M: Dans la matrice
miss.natjo: "We cannot and will not be able to reach the illuminated summits without traversing the dark depths..."-Khalil Gibran- ✨
janos.hajas: A new boulder, just released from the seaside sediments
DSM888: low light