Chuck LaChance: Don and Dewey
Chuck LaChance: A Show of Hands
canong2fan: Walking On water
canong2fan: And When I Snap My Fingers . .
canong2fan: Two Victorian girls
canong2fan: Café Conversation
canong2fan: Cool pastime on a hot day
peterkelly: The Fisherman's Dance
ricko: Skulled
denismartin: Wedding pics
Chuck LaChance: From Here to There...Eventually
peterkelly: Langa Mother & Son
Subic: 20190722_024
ricko: Crocks on Floor With Faces
peterkelly: Stone Profile
Jon Scherff: Just Waitin'
Studio d'Xavier: Lori McNee and Me
Studio d'Xavier: The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. Just sayin'.
ricko: Elmo and Porky
Chuck LaChance: Beach by Pass
Chuck LaChance: Camera Obscure
Chuck LaChance: Rite of Passage
Magnum Gunawan: Eternal Love
Subic: 20190218_020
peterkelly: Hat On Loan
Chuck LaChance: Alejandro y Alejandra