peterkelly: Delivery In Old Town
peterkelly: No. 3 Light
peterkelly: The Grand Hotel
peterkelly: Architectural Mix
peterkelly: Balloon Over Stockholm
peterkelly: Resting Goldeneye
peterkelly: SwedenStockholmOldTownStatueVines
peterkelly: The Stortorget Fountain
peterkelly: Tree Moss Lichen
peterkelly: The Dalecarlian Paint Shop
peterkelly: Mora Shores
peterkelly: St. Michael & The Dragon
peterkelly: Curious Common Gull
peterkelly: Lakeside Ice Cream Shop
peterkelly: Storkyrkan Statue
peterkelly: Menagerie Of Creatures
peterkelly: Medieval Hijinks
peterkelly: Swedish Royal Palace
peterkelly: Riddarholm Church
peterkelly: Stockholm Central Station
peterkelly: Fotografiska
peterkelly: Mobile Grad Party
peterkelly: The Orange Street
peterkelly: SwedenStockholmThreadInWindow
peterkelly: Out & About In Stockholm
peterkelly: Vintage Dala Horses
peterkelly: Awaiting Paint
peterkelly: Zorn House Steps
peterkelly: Red Fence
peterkelly: Twin Boats