ER's Eyes - Our planet is beautiful.: Rucu Pichincha Volcano Summit at 4,100 meters (13,451 ft) above sea level, Quito, Ecuador.
ER's Eyes - Our planet is beautiful.: Climbing the Summit of the Active and Mighty Stratovolcano 'Tungurahua' ('Throat of Fire' volcano) at 5,023 meters (16,479 feet) above sea level, Baños, the Central Highlands, Ecuador.
Role Bigler: Early Morning Walk
Role Bigler: Blue & Yellow
Pit Spielmann: Het blijft maar terugkomen | It just keeps coming back [Explored 21st Oct, '21]
kla4067: UP4014, 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy". Ready for restoration.
Eric@focus: Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany Tripoint. (II)
Fototak: 1980-06-30, CFF, Castione Arbedo
bobbyblack51: LOWLAND 507 B267KPF
Patrik S.: UP TO THE MOUNTAIN - SwItzerland
leroyjc02: Lessive sur les rives du lac Inlé
leroyjc02: Le pont U-Bein
leroyjc02: La pagode Hsinbyume à Mingun
leroyjc02: monastère Shwe Yaunghwe Kyaung
leroyjc02: Ombrelle en papier de riz
leroyjc02: Tissage au lac Inlé
leroyjc02: Moine birman sur le pont UBein
John D Fielding: Morley Old Hall
Thor Edvardsen: Urban - details from a brewery
Patricia Henschen: Autumn Gold and Gold Mining Remnants at Around 10,000'
Tuzup: Sky in your palms
RarOiseau: Mur peint, Chamonix
Role Bigler: Seealpsee
ratexla (protected by Pixsy): 20161022_11k Ian McKellen greeting fans by the stage door after ''No man's land'' | Wyndham's Theatre, London, England
Marco Moerland: Shine a light
Helena de Riquer: Recogimiento
Helena de Riquer: Mira, sal de la carretera
antefixus21: Peel Masonic Lodge No. 468 Caledon East Ontario (24)
Alex Födor: A little of floral macro (7)... Hibiscus heart...
Peter Goll Thanks for +20.000.000 views: 20170430_Kommunion_0488.jpg