shelly.morgan50: Monarch on Verbena
shelly.morgan50: Autumn Colors
shelly.morgan50: A Touch of Lavender
shelly.morgan50: Country Sunset (Explored)
shelly.morgan50: Hanging out to dry
shelly.morgan50: Mallard at the Pond
shelly.morgan50: Bombus perplexus
shelly.morgan50: Shadows and Light
shelly.morgan50: Wild Asters
shelly.morgan50: Bees sharing a flower
shelly.morgan50: Dahlia with painted edges (Explored)
shelly.morgan50: Bright Chrysanthemum
shelly.morgan50: Hoverfly
shelly.morgan50: Light and Shadows
shelly.morgan50: Gull giving orders
shelly.morgan50: Red Hibiscus
shelly.morgan50: Bright Speckled Dahlia
shelly.morgan50: Grasshopper in my Dahlias
shelly.morgan50: Mini Sunflower in my Garden (Explored)
shelly.morgan50: Nature's Little Beauty
shelly.morgan50: Beautiful Bee on a Bright Blanket Flower
shelly.morgan50: Lovely Water Lily
shelly.morgan50: Beautiful Monarch
shelly.morgan50: Camouflaged Katydid
shelly.morgan50: Red Dahlia (Explored)
shelly.morgan50: Pink Beauty
shelly.morgan50: Sunflower blowing in the wind
shelly.morgan50: Dahlia in my garden...