shelly.morgan50: Asters with a visitor
shelly.morgan50: Grasshopper
shelly.morgan50: Autumn Flowers
shelly.morgan50: October Beauty
shelly.morgan50: Hoverfly
shelly.morgan50: Sunny Coneflower
shelly.morgan50: Bright Red Dahlia
shelly.morgan50: Painted Lady Drinking Nectar
shelly.morgan50: Yellow Zinnia
shelly.morgan50: Bicolored Striped-Sweat Bee on Aster
shelly.morgan50: Beautiful Dahlia Layers
shelly.morgan50: Painted Lady Butterfly
shelly.morgan50: Pink Bicolor Verbena
shelly.morgan50: Pollinator at Work
shelly.morgan50: Yellow Blanket Flower
shelly.morgan50: Monarch Butterfly
shelly.morgan50: Helenium
shelly.morgan50: Drone fly
shelly.morgan50: Pink Lady Slipper Orchid
shelly.morgan50: Ambush bug and its prey
shelly.morgan50: Sunny Chrysanthemum
shelly.morgan50: Beautiful Monarch Butterfly
shelly.morgan50: Glowing Wings
shelly.morgan50: Coneflowers
shelly.morgan50: Lily Pond
shelly.morgan50: Last days of summer
shelly.morgan50: Honey Bee