IanAWood: PBWA Chesham
IanAWood: PBWA Chesham
AristodemoDc: Monaincha Abbey
Pierre.Jacques: Photo taken with a Voigtländer bessa 66 in 2020 - Cemetery in Brialmont's Abbey
Pierre.Jacques: Brialmont Tilff 10
Pierre.Jacques: Brialmont Tilff 11
Pierre.Jacques: Cimetière Saint-Martin à Combalin-au-Pont
Pierre.Jacques: Tour Saint-Martin
Pierre.Jacques: Tombe cimetière de Comblain-au-Pont
Pierre.Jacques: Tombe cimetière de Comblain-au-Pont
IanAWood: Ivy wraps this soldiers headstone
IanAWood: On the move
IanAWood: of you charity
IanAWood: Poems....
IanAWood: _IAW5403
IanAWood: Family mausoleum of Robert William Kennard
IanAWood: A fading angel
IanAWood: National Lottery monies being put to good use
IanAWood: Grand graves and roses
IanAWood: The Hothouse family tomb
IanAWood: Putting it on the square
IanAWood: _IAW5439
IanAWood: With the tree cut back we can once again see the Miller family headstone
IanAWood: The headstone of Heinrich and Frances von Dieck is once again visible
IanAWood: Another fallen branch to clear away
IanAWood: A fallen cross
IanAWood: Small monuments and big trees
IanAWood: A range of free trees
IanAWood: _IAW5452
IanAWood: The start of South Avenue