Jone Arcos: "En el centro de tu ser tienes la respuesta; sabes quién eres y sabes qué quieres".Lao-Tsé.
MiFleur.. Thanks for your faves, and comments: 200523_066 Fern Close-up in the spirng
MiFleur.. Thanks for your faves, and comments: 200523_027 The Potatoes are ready to be planted
MiFleur.. Thanks for your faves, and comments: 200519_034 Spring finally arrived
gregor.vrtnik: After rain
muted ordinary: Winter begins
muletarturo: ARTURO MULET
muletarturo: ARTURO MULET
ada.kowal1: In a row
ada.kowal1: Tulip
dl1ydn: Rhododendron calendulaceum (Flame Azalea)
Brunsfeldo: SPRING in Portland
Brunsfeldo: Blossoms EXPLODE
suatokyo: beautiful nature
mousse.annick: Contre-jour au coucher de soleil .
IanAWood: Bogbean flower has almost finish
Mr.X111: Kornblume im Getreidefeld
vittorio_colombo: FIRST.... COMES THE FLOWER
DuggieH: Wildflower close up
verona39: plant
janefenya1313: Sand Violet
vaneramos: Feeling the breeze
vaneramos: Foamflower
nevinshrom: Tolumnia Popoki Orchid
BryanQuigley: Beautiful Balance
Fire Fighter's Wife: ~Sitting there, all delicate and dreamy, she looked as if someone had only given half a life to her.
rumerbob: Pink Rose.
dleany: Naptime