swift100: Looking up...
swift100: Reflections in Autumn
swift100: Bent
swift100: Putney Bridge
swift100: Putney railings
swift100: Thames at Putney.
swift100: The Citadel
swift100: from Fulham footbridge
swift100: Foreshore
swift100: Teasel negative from long ago
swift100: Thames at Putney, from Fulham Footbridge.
swift100: Thomson's Pond in Autumn
swift100: P1030467
swift100: Sushi shop at night
swift100: Advertisement board at night
swift100: P1030680
swift100: Lights
swift100: Poster in shreds
swift100: Squiggles in pond
swift100: The night was....
swift100: Kings Bench Walk. Temple. London.
swift100: Shapes of things
swift100: Temple gardens
swift100: Acer
swift100: Waterloo roofs
swift100: florescit
swift100: mudlarking
swift100: Millbank with Morpeth Arms in the middle.
swift100: Thames at Vauxhall from Millbank.
swift100: Millbank at dusk