GéBé48: La vie est un songe
verysubmm: tree2_at_night_glowing_by_its_radiation
bjarne.winkler: HopeValleyFallColor_1902
bwfcnottingham: Ruby (vintage industar 50-2 pancake lens)
Clive Varley: The Quiet Stream
jwvraets: Anhinga, Florida Everglades NP
Scottydazzler Adamski: Cliff Chalets at Bowlers Beach
Leonidas-from-XIV: Well, isn't this interesting
fernanchel: Tren de media dinstancia de Renfe (Línea Xàtiva Alcoi) a su paso por GENOVES (Valencia)
fernanchel: Tren de media distancia de Renfe (línea Xàtiva-Alcoi) a su paso por GENOVES (Valencia)
Weit Oerp: M1FE7034
walter_g: Exeter River Morning Light 10-13-19
Leonidas-from-XIV: Hygge time at the tea house
EML Photo: 2019-10-11_10-43-49
Weit Oerp: M50M8301
aakeene: Apres Mies
Scottydazzler Adamski: Hey Bill ! Hi Bob :) What a carry on !
bjarne.winkler: HopeValleyFallColor_0581
bjarne.winkler: WildFireCreek_0486
IMHILL: Drake's Leat Waterfall - Burrator
IMHILL: River Meavy at Burrator in full flow
IMHILL: Bickleigh Vale Phoenix Mine
bwfcnottingham: 100 Strangers : Round 2 : No. 188 : Kate
[Ananabanana]: 20110803 Communication towers
Leonidas-from-XIV: Awaiting further instructions
Guillaume Carta: Les temps modernes
Clive Varley: Yellow Berries
Clive Varley: Avenue of the Trees